Camp 2010

Jasmin and I spoke at Keddelson Gospel Camp this summer. This is the first time Jasmin had preached ( she has given her testimony and has spoken but never preached a message.)
We spoke to 10-12 year olds. Pre-teens.
In preparing, we prayed “What would you have us speak on?”
Pre-teens are in the stage before high school. The majority of these young people will face a great deal of temption, from drinking, drugs, pre-marital sex. But these are all symptoms of a greater issue. A need for Christ. The Holy Spirit led us to concentrate on the need for him. So we spoke everyday concentrating on the basics, Who God is, what Jesus has done for us, what it looks like have a reltionship with Christ, Loving other, Sacrafical love, the importance of Bible reading and prayer and being a true disiple of Christ.
Two boys got saved, and all most everyway made the committment to be a true disiple of Christ. It was a thrill to see the response of young men and women, excited to serve the Lord with the whole heart and lives. It was highlight to pray and comission these kids in service in Christ.
It was a great week! we loved speaking and we loved spending time with fellow belivers, we had a chance not only to connect with the kids, but also the staff and some visiting pastors and former staff.

Jasmin personally feels more open to speaking her heart in the form of public speaking, which is exciting for me, because she is my favorite speaker.


Byron Frank

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