“…God gave man a nature that was ordered to a supernatural life. He created man with a soul that was made not to bring itself to perfection in its own order, but to be perfected by Him in an order infinitely beyond the reach of human powers.” – Thomas Merton

“It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” – Paulo Coelho ” The Alchemist”

“And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” – James 1:4

To live and breath in this moment! There are feelings that are all mine. No one else’s. No one has ever felt this way and no one ever will. Those feelings that identify with ones very soul; When ones soul is completely in line. The fulfillment of a feeling that is all your own.

No one can view or tap into the ora, the scent of the divine connectedness that is Byron Frank. It’s like I am plugged into something wonderful. I have power, I have life. I know it is from God because it is what I feel when he speaks to me in prayer and from his word.
I feel it when I recognize or identify with something. A poem, a book, a song, a person. For some reason I see this deep down part of my self. It releases a surge of happiness like no other. The effects? ….. Dreams
I believe God is in my dreams. He has made me; he has made all of us to do somethings. To accomplish certain goals. To live out our purpose!
The Bible talks about being made perfect through Christ. If one would go back to the original Greek we would see the word used for perfect was teleioun. Teleioun is the verb of the adjective teleios. This word does not mean abstract and metaphysical perfection. It is more referring to function. So teleios means a thing that perfectly carries out the purpose for which it was designed. So to be made perfect in Christ is not to be perfect in deed and character but to carry out the function in which you were designed. So what we really should be doing is to be striving to live out the purpose Christ has for you and me as individuals that love the Lord and want to do his will. Its not about getting to this place of complete Christendom where you are faultless and never make a mistake. Its about being who God created you to be, doing what God made you to do; “Discovering your personal legend “.
Its more about discovery your spiritual gifts then saying what a good christian should say, or reading what church people say you should read or having the right “church” friends. “Identity”, “freedom”, those words are what we should be thinking on.
So often in my life and I am sure in many others lives we hang onto other purposes. We feed into false purposes that were never ours, are goals are false goals. We collect possessions thinking they will fulfill that need, they never do, we watch shows that are about adventure so we feel like we are part of it, but we are not, those are stories of others adventures. We see someone walking with confidence, in the purpose that God created for their lives and we imitate them. We put their life goals on our shoulders.
“We could be like Billy Graham or mother Teresa or Rob Bell ?”
No we could be like Byron Frank, Dana Wagner, Calem Albert, Jayde Hayden ! (Just some people who I think are great and I see God has lots for them and for the sake of flow they all have different last names.) To be me, for you to be you! To be made perfect through Christ Jesus! To live out the adventures he has sent us on. To find your identity in Christ.
Thats not an easy task, to find ones identity in Christ. It takes a lot of soul searching, prayer and learning. However there are these moments of true identity. Bam! your hit with inspiration, dreams and goals that rip through your insides.
I have many dreams and goals (many unrealized, unfulfilled dreams and goals) Jesus wants me to live them out with courage and confidence, not with reluctance and tippy- toes. To live for the fullness of his glory, “my utmost for his highest”.
He wants that for you too. Find out what God has made you for, find out what he placed in your soul to accomplish and do not let anyone or anything hold you back from doing them. they could be your destiny.

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