Mission Statement:

Dead 2 Myself Ministries is a renewal movement to restore, build, strengthen and equip the Body of Christ for the return of Jesus Christ.

For the Bride washed clean!

Revelation 19:7-8

This document in based on visions, dream, words and directions given by the Holy Spirit from 2019-2023

Upon praying and seeking the Lord about the recurring visions and dreams of the Remnant church and subsequent words, visions and dreams, this is the ministry plan we feel Jesus is directing us to in this season.

Updated June 1, 2023

There are many church plants with many purposes.

What we are called to is to establish the true Church within the walls of the church building, to unearth and call the Remnant forward.

Our assignment is not to plant a traditional church but to lead churches forward into a Restoration Movement.

The purpose and plan under the Holy Spirit’s leading is to be a tool box for His use in the building of His End Times Church.



The word the Lord gave me in 2019 was, to strengthen what remains”.

We have no control over who will remain in the last days, although we know that the Holy Spirit will call forward a remnant. (2 Timothy 2:19)

We simply step forward with obedience.

In the last number of years, many ministers have been called to a Multiplication Method where instead of building a church in a building, they quickly split off into smaller groups. In the multiplication method there is a concentration on changing the external structures of the church. We believe the Holy Spirit is leading many in this direction.

We, however, with the parameters set for Dead 2 Myself Ministries, have no objection to having a building. What we do object to, is a building having us. No building will hold the remnant of Christ’s Church. However, the Remnant may meet in buildings. Dead 2 Myself Ministries is not called to concentrate on changing external structures, but to rebuilding the structures of the Church’s heart. We believe external structures will change when hearts are restored to the Holy Spirit’s order and pattern of worship, unity, adoration, leadership and charismata.

We are dedicated to the birth of the John 17 Church.

We are dedicated to knowing Jesus and making Him known.

We are dedicated to disciples making disciples.

We are dedicated to intense teaching and preparation.

We are dedicated to the works of the Spirit and allowing Him to lead.

Over the years, the Holy Spirit has been doing a discernment process within us.

The last number of years, in particular, we have felt the Holy Spirit open up our hearts for the need for ministers such as us.

We are intense, and at times, in the traditional church setting, this is unnerving and “too much” for many.

I was told by a trusted friend, “You don’t always have to preach to knock Saul off his horse.”

In this new season in the life of the Church in Canada, that is exactly what is needed.

The Remnant that the Holy Spirit is calling forward will not be a traditional church but will return to the ancient paths in which the Lord instituted His ecclesia.

Man-made plans and strategies will not determine who the Lord calls forward. He is the Shepherd who knows His flock. He knows the goats from the sheep, the tares from the wheat.

However, the Lord’s directive to “strengthen what remains” is paramount.

We need to build a “House for Him”, a structure for His Bride.


“Strengthen What Remains”

We are not looking to build large numbers: we are looking to build up and empower those who will devote themselves to housing His presence.

We are to build upon the Solid Rock.

We are building what the Holy Spirit has revealed, a “Building” (being the Church) that will weather the coming storm.

A Building that will house the Remnant that Jesus is calling forward.

A Building with no doors or windows which are open to compromise.

A Building whose hearts are pure.

A Building dedicated to Jesus and to Jesus alone, anointed for these last days, to prepare for the wedding feast of the Lamb, the Bride prepared!

Jesus has told Jasmin and I to, “Produce oil!”

He says, “Your worship and ministry is producing oil for My coming.”

He has exhorted us, “The work I have given you and Jasmin is producing oil for my Church, so they will be ready for my return.” (See Matthew 25:1-13)

The church structures of North American Christianity are cracking and swaying under the pressure of their Roman traditions.

The compromise of the last number of years has shown that we have relied on man-made dogmas and structures that can longer house the Bride of Christ.

There must be a deconstruction of these roots and in tandem, a rebuilding with a return to Biblical Christianity.

The Church must cast down man-made structures and return to the wild love of Christ.

The Lord has instructed Dead 2 Myself Ministries to, “Prepare My people so they can withstand My glory.” The structures of the Church must be rebuilt so that we can house His presence as the People of God.

Zeal for His House must consume the Spirit of Religion. There is a purging coming! And yes, it is already here, where true leaders of the Church will no longer seek to people-please but rather please only the One who made all people.

Many will try to hang on to the structures of, “how we do church” and in doing so, they will be crushed by the wreckage!

Many will choose religion over relationship with Christ.

The Tsunami of the Holy Spirit will not be stopped as the hour is becoming late.

This is the time of Restoration, His Bride made Holy.

The Holy Spirit is not looking for a new Protestant Reformation, as those leaders merely repaired an already broken system. He is looking to demolish structures which should have never been allowed to continue. At this junction of history, these half-measures can no longer be tolerated in Christ’s Church. The mixing of the profane with the Holy is coming to a violent end. Christ is not wanting just another revival, which will fade and fizzle. He wants more. His Bride made pure!

There will be a mass exodus of believers from all denominations, traditions and church affiliations. The Holy Spirit is calling true believers out of their religious molds. In the coming days, doctrinal divisions will be laid aside for the greater call of “Church identity”, the greater call of Spiritual renewal, the Bride made ready! No church tradition will be left without the Spirit calling individuals out into greater unity within Christ’s body, into “The Remnant that will remain.”

Those who heed the Spirit’s voice will escape dry, lifeless dogma (The Spirit of Religion), meeting instead as a spiritual family, ready for the work that the Spirit is calling us to!

With the true Church called forth, these denominational lines will be blurred and then lost as all come into union with Christ, as brothers and sisters.

Those who are in fellowship with Christ have felt the stirring in their hearts. Those with Revelation, those whom the Holy Spirit is calling, will naturally and organically form groups that are dedicated to hearing the directives of Christ in active preparation for the things to come.

The Lord is strategically placing His watchmen, seers, prophets and apostles in places throughout the country awaiting His command. They are going to places where they have never dreamed of going, places where they have never desired to go. Many only have a slight idea of why they have come (The Lord will reveal the why!). However, they know that they are following His call.

Dead 2 Myself Ministries is to gather those who are to come within our quadrant and begin preparing for the coming days.

The Lord has shown us that there will be lost and broken people fleeing the coming purge as the days grow darker and the persecution of humanity intensifies. The faith communities that the Lord is preparing are to gather the people and bring them to the refugee camp of the Lamb.

Mainline churches have rejected these people who have found themselves lost. The Remnant must establish communities for those Jesus is calling to Himself.

Ministry plan:

1. Establish a leadership network (Prophets, Intercessors, Watchmen, Apostles etc).

2. Impart vision: provide training resources and tools to gather the Remnant (Holy Spirit strategies, Kingdom planning).

3. Distribute teaching: training through the written and spoken word. (The Call for the Remnant to rise up).

4. Establish geographical hubs where we can meet learn, train and fellowship. (Strengthen what remains).

5. Gather physical resources, and establish safe havens for those in need. (The gathering of the lost sons and daughters who see the coming storm).

We cannot do this alone.

Lord, call others to this work!