Your partnership enables us to impact multi-generations to rise up to the mandate of the Kingdom: to raise people up to their created value; to bring the full and radical message of Jesus Christ to the nations!

By partnering with Dead 2 Myself Ministries you are investing in the building of Christ’s Church. Not a physical building, but the people of God, The Bride of Christ washed clean without spot or wrinkle. You are investing in building a new type of Church, one not entangled in religious tradition but free to encounter the pure love of Jesus, to encounter the freedom of the Holy Spirit, a Church that will in turn become the love of Christ to all the world, who will in turn impart the freedom which they have found. Those who have encountered the King will become the encounter to those around them!

Your support helps us finance multiple avenues of ministry. You are putting feet to the radical message of Jesus Christ. Your seed is planted in places and hearts which have never experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Every single contribution to Dead 2 Myself Ministries leads to an encounter with Jesus Christ. It only takes one moment for a life to be impacted forever. Each time you give, you are creating an opportunity for someone to encounter the love and truth of God and be transformed forever!

Because of the generosity of you and so many others, Dead 2 Myself Ministries is impacting lives across the world. To learn more please email with the subject line “Let me hear the vision” and we will send you details on the exciting path that the Holy Spirit has led us to follow.


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May Christ’s Church offer freely what they have received from Him with no worldly entanglements. Jesus is the Author and Giver of life. May we all give as He have given, freely and without compulsion. Amen