The Lord Speaks

The Lord Spoke to me last year around this time. It was at Encounter weekend at Eston College and it is again Encounter weekend (right now). He told me to deliver a message to the students of Eston College and ever since then He has been adding fuel to the fire that would become my message. Week after week, month after month He has been speaking to me, and telling me to continue on seeking His face for what to say and what not to say. I took a preaching class for winter mini semester which helped me with my forming my sermon, and finally I went over my sermon with my wife Jasmin who has a passion for Christ truth in the area I was to speak on. Then I was to speak Feb. 18th. I felt greatly attacked by the enemy and had to leave the chapel during the worship in tears. “How can I deliver such a hard message?” The enemy reminded me that many would not like what I had to say, many will not listen. I said a silent prayer, and the Lord reassured me that this message was formed over months and months of prayer and tears. It is from the Lord, to be given to the student body. As I got back to my seat and praised the Lord my confidence in the Lords calling climaxed as the student beside me whispered in my ear. “Preach like a lion, bold in the word the Lord has given you.”

This the result, though I was nervous and felt a great deal of pressure, this is the message of the Lord, the most important message I have ever delivered.

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