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To Build

Denial is easier than acceptance.

Negativity is easier then positivity.

Dying is easier than living.

It’s easier to tear down than to build up.

We can say we will die for someone but refuse to live for another’s good.

We can spend all of our time looking at all the hardships of life but refuse to see all the blessings.

We can refuse to allow all the good and healthy things into our lives.

We can block out what Jesus is offering us. We can refuse to believe or listen.

It’s easy to let life destroy you, to sit and stew over all the bad breaks and mistakes you have made. We can easily let our world “go to rot”. We can choose to ruin our relationships, health, and well-being. That takes no work at all.

Yes. Building is difficult, but there is a finished product, a sturdy foundation that can withhold pressure.

For joy, peace, and satisfaction to be ours, we must accept the God who made us. In accepting, not rejecting, we have hope.

When we have hope we will see the good in our lives. When we see the good in our lives we will know we have a life worth living and fight for all that God has intended for us.

These are the tools and materials for the building of a full life.

May you accept the Savior, Jesus Christ, and all that He offers you.

May you build your life upon Him and may your foundation be strong in His truth.


Photo Credit: Raiane Wagner

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