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Repentance is a by-product of God’s grace. 

Without the blood of Jesus Christ being shed on the cross on our behalf we could never approach God with our sin, mistakes and imperfections. The power of repentance is held to by the power of the cross.

Without the grace which was purchased on the cross by Jesus Christ, repentance would bear no fruit.

The Spirit of Christ is the one who breaks our hearts over our wrong actions and motives, so we can come to the place to accept His grace and mercy.

A broken heart before God because of any sin is equivalent to repentance. Repentance means turning completely away from sin, doing an about-face, and then pursuing God with reckless abandonment.

To turn from sin is to give your past completely over to Jesus. To walk away and never turn back wishing for “the good old days.”

It’s illegal in the Kingdom of God to view your past sins outside the lens of the blood Jesus Christ.

This means sorrowing over sin to such an extent that the heart grows to hate the sin and turns from it in disgust. If either element is missing, the “freedom” from sin will not last.

If one merely feels sorrow over the sin but does not turn from it, he is not free. Likewise, if one merely turns from the sin but does not experience a deep sorrow over it, he is not free. Freedom requires both sorrow over sin and turning away from it.

It’s this repentance that opens our hearts to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. When our hearts are open His grace floods in. When grace floods into our hearts, they are healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Repentance is key!

Let us examine our hearts daily and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any wrong motive, path or sin in us!

Open your hearts and repent! Do not hold yourself back from all that Christ has in store for you. Renewal, healing and freedom are found in Him.


Photo Credit: Ashraf Salish Ali Alhajali

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